Why use Paloma's Expandable Tankless instead of conventional hot-water solutions?


Standard components - You can standardize your design of hot water systems from 200,000 to 4.0 million BTUs on a single, common component – the Paloma 28c.

Scalability - Systems can be designed to be expanded over time to accommodate increasing hot-water requirements.

Installation ease - Each unit you carry in weighs just 55 pounds, and you have leeway in designing the installation around space limitations of your mechanical room.

Built-in redundancy – Even if one unit requires servicing, other units in your system will continue to provide hot water.  It is not necessary to shut down the entire system to service a single unit.

Servicing flexibility - You can, in fact, swap units out for offsite servicing if you wish.

Smart energy use - Just like a tankless system for home use, commercial applications can also leverage the Paloma’s “on demand” energy-wise performance.


Multi-Unit Systems


The optional MIC-185 Manifold Controller is used to electronically control operations in a multi-unit system of 2 to 20 units. The MIC-185 Controller Kit includes the control logic for a base system with 2 to 6 units, a power cord, and an installation box suitable for outdoors.


For larger systems, add a MICS-180 Extended Communication Board, which will fit in the top half of the Installation Box. The controller connects to the individual units using Paloma communications cables in 16-, 32- and 65-foot lengths.


Single-Unit Controller


The UMC-117 Main Controller is used to set temperatures, display error codes and access maintenance information on a single-unit installation. In multi-unit systems, one Main Controller is used as the temperature controller and error display for the entire system. Others continue to be used to display diagnostic information on specific units.


One Main Controller is included with each unit. The Main Controller can be set to temperatures between 100 degress and 180 degrees F.