Domestic Hot Water + Pool Heating


Solar Thermal Applications

 Combining solar thermal domestic hot water (DHW), space heating, and pool heating in one system is a combination that makes sense in many cases. DHW typically takes first priority, and once at capacity, space heating gets second priority. If no space heating is needed, the solar heat is diverted to the pool. If properly designed, this type of system can provide the majority of DHW, resulting in significant fuel savings on the space heating side and extending the seasons of pool use. Four to ten panels and 200 to 500 gallon 750 to 1200 L) tanks are typically used in this type of application.



Can't figure out which application to use? Have a unique application you don't see listed above?

 NO PROBLEM- Bosch offers system sizing and design services for large residential customers using state-of-the-art sizing software that anticipates fuel savings based on the usage pattern, location and climate conditions. 


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