Geo 1000 WA




Lowering your monthly utility bills has never been easier with Bosch’s Energy Star rated BP Series heat pumps. This single stage geothermal heat pump unit offers best-in-class energy efficiency and lower operating costs, providing you the ultimate value for your money. Compared to other manufacturers’ single stage products, you need much less energy on the front end to achieve the output in the heating or cooling mode of operation.




Standard Features

  •  Filter Drier
  • Floating Base Pan
  • Service Connections
  • R410-A Refrigerant
  • PSC and ECM Motors*
  • Coaxial Heat Exchanger Copper
  • Coated Air Coils
  • Blower Housing
  • Unit Protection Module 1
  • Four Sided Filter Rack
  • Foil Faced Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Drain Pan
  • TXV Valve
  • Scroll Compressor**
  • Rotary Compressor**

 Optional Features


  • Coaxial Heat Exchanger Cupronickel
  • Hot Gas Reheat
  • Desuperheater***
  • Geothermal

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  • Compressor: 10 years
  • Refrigerant circuit: 10 years
  • All other internal parts assembled by Bosch: 10 years